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" 2012 A Second Before Midnight"!

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Skiing @ LakeTahoe

Here's "The Old Webpage". Now I will be able to update it.

"Learn to ski like a pro at Lake Tahoe"



John Pettus

PSIA/PMTS Certified Professional Ski Coach

"Skiing Is Not A Sport - It's A Lifestyle"

"HELLO" and welcome to my skiing magazine.

To learn to ski like a pro, ski with a pro. There are numerous ski teaching systems. "PMTS" is one of the latest and greatest. Let me introduce you to it. "Primary Movements Teaching System", by Harb Ski Systems, The New School.
If you would like to share the experience, excitement, joy, fun and adventure that is a major part of the lifestyle of skiing; then come ski with me in the Lake Tahoe Area. I will show you the best terrain, take you to the best snow conditions and help you identify your strengths and enhance your skills. I can assist you in the selection of the right equipment. I'll answer your questions and assist you in achieving your goals. I'll show you the best of everything at Lake Tahoe: apres ski fun, ambiance, entertainment, comradery, the extreme slopes and elegant dinning. Video tape your experience and cherish the memories forever.

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"Have a Better Ski Vacation"
in these mountains.


.....there's no other place like it on Earth


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